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Day Eighty-Four: “Her Vision was In the Cards”-The Tarot & Spiritual Card Decks-Lesson Three-Spiritual Trinkets

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The day after our first date, the man that would end up being my life

partner sent me the most exotic bouquet of brilliant violet orchids.

Hidden inside was The Empress tarot card from his Aleister Crowley

deck. That one card remained with me for years to come. It

sparked my curiosity and left me wanting to know more about

these mysterious cards. I was under the impression that you had to

have a psychic personality-interacting with the spiritual realm in

order to decode the messages of these tarot cards.

One faithful day, I found that Empress card and went to find

the deck it originated from. Along with the deck I found an owner’s

guide. It was so fascinating I read it from cover to cover in one,

very long sitting. The Aleister Crowley cards were so artistic and

at closer observation I saw how many symbolic images were embedded

in each and every card.

I was a born observer of people and could read someones story or emotions

upon meeting them. I guessed at that moment that I was spiritually intuitive

and that my sensitivities and experiences could make reading tarot an

attainable prospect.

After studying and familiarizing myself with the cards I began doing readings

for my friends and acquaintances. My readings became epic, lasting over

three hours and so much information would organically flow out me, from

a source I never knew existed, that I had to stop for many years. I guess

it was the fear of the unknown that made me fear what came out those many

times. I did a reading about a month ago, and again I was back at it.

I have since then found a deck that I adore. It is a love filled deck devoid of

dark and foreboding images-It is the Doreen Virtue Angels and contains cards

that have stunning images. She explains her reasons for creating this deck in the

video below. If and when you decide to purchase a tarot deck for yourself

ensure that you are moved by it in some way. Follow your intuition when

selecting the right deck for you.


AngelTarotVirtue Angel_Deck_Tarot_Card_Meanings_2

There are also other decks that you can find for inspiration; like

Louise Hay’s I Can Do It-deck of cards containing inspiring images

with Positive Affirmations.


There are even cards for Chakra Balancing and Affirmations


Morning Meditation:


Journal Entry: What is your experience with spiritual card decks;

tarot or otherwise? Have you ever had a reading or been curious about

having one? Below there is a video of Doreen Virtue performing a reading.

View the video if you feel compelled and respond.

Here is a Link for Positive Affirmation Cards that are Available


Three Principles to finding the Tarot Deck of your Dreams

An Article from Llewellyn Worldwide-New Worlds of Body, Mind & Spirit



Some things to Consider when looking for your Deck:

1. What is my goal in obtaining a deck?

2. What images and colours am I drawn to?

3. Does it have a good reputation?

4. What store can I go to to purchase it?

5. Find the person in that store that you sense has knowledge and

expertise as this is a decision you don’t want to rush into.

6. Smudge and clean your cards energies and do not allow anyone

else to touch them-if you do make sure you cleanse the entire

deck after use.

7. Display your cards in your sacred space and in a place where they

will not be dishonored.

Annual Angel Messages and Card Reading by Doreen Virtue

If You Are Highly Motivated You Can Make Your Own Tarot Deck!

My Favorite Phone App of Readings is The Goddess Tarot:


Evening Meditation-Hay House Morning Mediations:

Peace, Love & Namaste Em


Day Thirty-Four: “It Takes a Village to Raise A Child”: Online Resources that are Strengthening the World Community

Many months ago I ‘liked’ a group called “Collective Evolution” which

I introduced when I discussed the universe in an earlier post. I love

the highly though provoking a relevant news and philosophical information

they share with their community. Many people talk about Facebook as

though it is a succubus that steals your soul; I feel absolutely the opposite.

There are amazing groups on there and spreading around the net where

people with a positive, ethical, peaceful attitude about how the world

is presently and how we can strengthen it together. I have always used

the internet as a place to inspire me and my purpose in utilizing it is

always to spread that inspiration on. I am sure there are people that

shhhh me thinking “Aw Gawd, here she goes again spreading her hippie

mumbo jumbo,” I say to those people take it or leave it honey; maybe

just maybe a tiny seed will sprout and flourish. I am not saying the

world is all unicorns and rainbows; I have experienced first hand the

darkness and evils of the world; and due to my sensitivities am

vulnerable to both the colour and the colourless. When the hurt

runs too deep I need to hibernate and learn to trust again. In

the end I trust the innate goodness in others; and am wrong

some of the time. There are so many amazing tools to improve

life and our time here on earth. There are recipes to live with

conscious awareness in an environmental tango, leaving this

world a better place for our next generation. There are

provocative speakers, writers, artists, healers, all offering us

their wisdom at the tap of a finger stroke.

Today’s focus will be on sharing some of the amazing

people that have so much to offer us and building

a positive on and offline community.

Morning Meditation-a Prayer for Peace on Earth

Facebook Communities


Collective Evolution-Facebook



Peace, Love Science-Facebook



The Soulful Woman-Facebook



Youtube Channels & Feature Films

Jason Stephenson-Online Spiritual Meditations-Youtube



The Chopra Centre


Youtube; The Miniature Earth

Earth From Space-Nasa

Babies-A Film about Babies all over the Earth

Life in a Day-24 Hours A Day from All over the World

Websites That Inspire


Playing For Change





Evening Mediation

Peace, Love & Namaste


Day Twenty-Five: Is Too Much of Anything A Bad Thing? The Downside of Fundamentalism, Extremism, Fanatical Thought & Gluttony


Have you ever loved something sooooo… much that eventually it ends up chocking

the life out of you; making you feel trapped by the lure of it? Can anything overdone

or over believed damage us or close us off from being truly free? The whole concept

of addiction makes us think of drug addicts shooting up on a crusty mattress in

a dank house with a flickering light bulb dangling side to side on a frayed wire.

Yes, addicts are trapped, but does the person who has an extreme view of

anything also have no chance at true freedom?

When you have tunnel vision about anything, good or bad, it can end up

harming you or closing you off from anyone or anything that does not

fit into that vision. You can end up with a ‘holier than now’ attitude,

poo pooing others who you see as ‘less evolved’ or below you on the

evolutionary ladder. What is the positive in that? If your belief system

creates a barrier between you and a majority of the population

you may want to consider if it is benefiting you or narrowing your

opportunities to connect with others.

People can sense when you ‘feel’ superior to them and it harms them

deeply when you shove your ideals down their throat. In doing that

you are disrespecting their freedom to define what is meaningful

to them.

Having a mutually respectful conversation about what you hold

dear is less damaging and judgmental.

If you leave the theoretical door open and accept and embrace

the differences in others it will enable you to feel less restrained.

Even good things can harm us if we become obsessive about them.

If the ‘good thing’ is consuming your every thought and action,

taking you away from being grounded, then it can flip itself

into a harmful addiction.


Today’s Focus will be centered around discovering if there are beliefs,

judgements or addictions which are holding you hostage and closing you off. 

How can you release those thoughts/beliefs and what would your life look

like if you could let them go. Write this discovery down in your Journal.


Morning Meditation: Positive Change for Recovery and Addiction


Informed Reading: Beyond Fundamentalism-Reza Aslan


Here is an interview on C-Span with Reza Aslan about his book:


Positive Music to Clear Negative Blocks:


Dr.Wayne Dyer of Kindness:


A Thought Provoking Video that illustrates the harm in making

snap judgements.

Evening Meditation: Gain Clarity and Deep Peace: Doreen Virtue

Peace, Love, Namaste


Day Thirteen: Are Angels Among Us? Angel Healing and Angel Guides.

angel quote1

Yesterday I was very focused on my angels. My sister, who was the most

important person that was constant throughout my life, passed tragically

several years ago. Since her passing I have had faith that she still has

a presence in my life. It was that belief that kept me from slipping into

a deeper depression than the mourning depression that I

experienced for the first year.

I have heard from multiple places that if you find a feather it is a message

from a loved one who has passed. Yesterday, I asked my sister Lori to

send feathers if she was still around me. Since yesterday I have found

four separate feathers of differing sizes and several strangely placed coins

(another item believed to be a sign from the angels).

I know there are people that believe that once their loved one passes

they are gone completely. If I felt that way about my sister I could

not have managed her death. A belief in angels and that our loved ones

surround us and protect us is such a comforting way to feel and

we should have the right to embrace it in order to move forward.

Several months ago, when I was really struggling with my mental

and physical health I had a strong desire to connect with the healing

power of my angel guides. I was in Banff, with a co-worker and

kindred spirit, and we stumbled upon a tiny shop filled with

spiritual items. I walked directly to a round table in the centre of

the shop and my eye was drawn to a small blue box with the

picture of an angel on it. It was a deck of angel cards by

Doreen Virtue. I trusted that it was there for me to see and

claim as my own. Upon my return home I called upon my angel

guides in the evenings when my mind would wander into the

depths of stress and unrest.


Today’s focus will be on Angel Healing and Angel Guides.


When you wake up this morning ask your angel guides to 

assist you and guide you through your day. 

Morning Meditation:


Journal Prompt: Write about a time when you felt there was an

angel in your presence. Was it during a tragedy and you felt there was someone

guiding you through it? Was it when you were in the depths of despair and you felt

the angels lift you out of the darkness?


Inspired Listening: Angel Messages by Lillian Eden:

Inspired Online Reading: Three Types of Angels are with You-Doreen Virtue

Angel Healer.



Inspired Angel Books to Read:


Angel Music to Guide You through Your Day:


Angel Inspired Art Project: Link on Pinterest:


art angel

Bedtime Meditation: Guardian Angels with Jason Stephenson:


Peace, Love & Namaste