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Day Sixty-One: “You Just Have To Try”-Letting the Fear Go for Your Greater Good

After fifteen years of wishin’, hoping, trying and using the law of attraction by

starting a collection of tiny versons, my 1973 VW Camper Van materialized on a for sale by

owner site. It was being held for a man that wanted to transform it into a

ice cream van; but eventually, with much persistence and many, many texts

proving my worthiness; the owner told me it was mine. That is what happens

when you have patience with your dreams. In the past several weeks; after

many months of fear-I began ripping out the fifty plus year old pieces from the van

to rejuvenate and revive them. Once the process began I couldn’t stop taking the

van apart and beautifying it one piece at a time. I have never even taken so

much as a seat belt out of a vehicle and now I am at least 3/4 of the way through

a complete interior restoration. It is the most exhilarating feeling I have ever

had-I feel so much pride as each piece becomes transformed from tired and

rough to beautiful and at it’s utmost potential.

People have come to my house and said-“you’re so creative, how do you know

how to do all these things?” My answer is always that they too can do it. All

you need to learn how to do anything is:

a. A library card  (or Google/Youtube)

b. to let go of the fear that you may fail (you can always try again)

c. the vision (it will guide you and inspire you).

F.Y.I.: Growing up with no television also led me to learning new things

as I had to fill my time with something to amuse myself as a child.

Inside of you there is a tiny creative voice that is just waiting to be

heard-listen carefully.

Don’t confuse art with creativity-you can be creative at anything;

speaking; communication; culinary skillls; planning a party; dressing…

the list goes on and on and on.

If  I was afraid of trying new things, about 90% of the things I have

accomplished in my life would not exist. If I really think about that

I can’t imagine my life without trying-I imagine it would be devoid of

both colour and passion…


Journal Entry: Think about your life and try to remember things you

passionately wanted to try but were to afraid to. What was something

you put off out of fear for a long time and then  jumped into feet first?

How did that make you feel? Was there a chain reaction afterwards?

Think about a time when you tried something and felt you failed (there

is no such thing as failure-just learning ;))-did that impact your ability

to try other things? Make a list of 20 things you’ve always wanted to

do and start checking them off!!!


Morning Meditation:


Tiny Buddha Article: Let go of Fear by Stopping the Stories in Your Head


download (1)

(My second time posting this ;)-The first 20 Hours-Trying New Things


Evening Meditation:


Peace, (Try) Love & Namaste Em 

Day Thirty: Unleashing The Creative Being Within-Healing through Imagination

A Short Film by Carlos Lascano-Lila-Stunning & Imaginative

When we are bombarded and overwhelmed with life, it is

hard to feel much of anything, much less have the time

or motivation to create. The best part of life is when we

are balanced and fresh; full of imaginative ideas…when

both sides of our brain are working in unison to achieve

phenomenal ideas and opportunities. When we are not

passionate about what we are doing we are living in

our own silent black and white film, trapped in a

monotonous scene that loops around, repeating

itself over and over and over again…

tumblr_n1a49oubl61sq3gbzo1_500True fulfillment can be gauged by how open our

spirit is to creating and imagining. How do we attain

this in a world centered on the 9 to 5 daily grind?

It can be a vicious cycle because we stay away

from our passions because we claim to be too tired,

but these are the remedies to our imaginative blockages.

If we turned on that favorite song while we worked,

or we picked up that guitar when we felt the act of

it would enliven us and act more effectively than the

myriad of prescription drugs our society has become

dependent on to numb the anxiety.bb04fedff011022b9085b74d121c2fc7 (1)

We could literally used our imaginative life as a

gauge on how balanced and healthy we are.

So many people see my art and say “Oh I am

so not creative” and I respond by saying “Oh

yes you are!” People are creative in different ways;

with ideas, writing, building, selling, cooking, painting-

we all create art somehow in our lives. You are capable

of anything, you are innately imaginative so open up

your soul, grasp on to your instrument of choice and

release your inner artist…

A Sand Art Love Story

Today’s focus will be on unleashing the creativity and

imagination that may be laying dormant within.


Morning Meditation: To Ignite Creativity


Journal Entry: Consider what creativity lies within you and try to remember the last time you felt passionate about something and created something fantastic-a true reflection of who you truly are.

Self Care Activity: Purchase or pick up an art-form that  you feel passionate about. Spend some time every day for one week re-acquainting yourself with this craft.



Music to Inspire Creativity


Elizabeth Gilbert-Your Elusive Creative Genius-TED Talk


How Art Evolves Consiousness



Evening Meditation: Your Question Answered-Mystical Creative Visualization

Peace, Love & Namaste