Daily Archives: April 24, 2015

Day Ninety!!!-Where Do We Go From Here? My 90 Day Healing Journey

I cannot believe this ninety-day journey has come to an end. I have some ideas for where to go from here but would adore some input from anyone that has been following this blog. As a bonus I will be continuing the last two madras of Yoga and discussing some other topics that I would like to share with all of you beautiful souls. About the blog; having this blog to guide me through the treacherous waters that have been my life in the 90 plus days since my first entry; has literally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually saved my life. It has given me a direction; a sense of purpose; a way to continue to serve others in a way that is within my grasp. The topics covered are topics I have learned along my path for decades; lessons that left me hungry for more; lessons I felt I couldn’t covet and embrace all by myself; lessons I wanted to scream from the cliffs of the highest mountains. I’ve never been a seeker of faith in the traditional sense but I, like all of us, am on a constant search for more..for answers to life’s most challenging riddles…for ways to be more satisfied-happier with the gifts of life…does faith in a source; mother earth; God, Buddha, Universe help us navigate life’s challenges with more ease? For me the answer is yes. Has the 90 Days of immersion into the search for answers to the roadblocks in life cured me? I would not say that-but it has helped me to realize that life will never be perfect. Humans are imperfect in so many ways and maybe, just maybe achieving perfection or spiritual enlightenment is something we aren’t able to do while earthbound…but is perfection nothing more than a facade-aren’t the imperfections we wear stunning and beautiful vulnerabilities that define us as human souls? Could Spiritual Enlightenment be achieved more easily if we were housed in a monastery carved into the hillside of the Himalayas and able to commit our lives to the cause?…Or would we even be challenged there too? Modern day life is full of twists and turns that we are continually having to navigate and relationships are fragile and make us vulnerable to rejection and pain-but also great intimacy and beauty while they are serving us. What Will I Do Now? I am going to go back to Day One and complete all the tasks and journal entries-Live the Blog-and report on that here on this platform… continue to share inspirational findings with you all and hopefully give you a place to share as well. I’ve also been transforming the blog into a book-or maybe a journal-an app? Please Comment on what you would like to see in the post-90 days. Our Final Journal Entry: What has this blog taught you? What lessons or topics will you continue to practice or explore? How will you share your lessons with the world or pay it forward.  Peace, Love & Namaste Em