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Day Eighty-Nine: A Path of Love & Devotion: Bhatki Yoga-The 2nd Yoga Mandra


“Love-Isn’t that what it’s all about?”

The statement above-the final words spoken by Jason Stephenson’s grandfather as

he left the physical body to rejoin his spiritual source mirrors the underlying message

embedded in all of the spiritual lessons we’ve explored together on this path

to spiritual enlightenment.

Living the Bhakti Yogic way means that you connect to a spiritual source that is

beyond the ego…beyond the physical world-and though we can’t see it or know

for sure that it is there our faith that it is there is what infuses our lives

with meaning.

A world with devotion to a higher source allows us to see each experience as

a reason to learn, grow and evolve…not as a incident that is out of our control

or “happening” to us.

When I am connecting to our source we are an active participant and

we recognize the miraculous happenings that are set in front of us from

a place of wonderment as though we are children seeing a segment of our

world for the first time.

In our world today it is hard to mirror the pure loving nature of our

source in the way we act and interact with our world but if we come

from a pure place of love in anything and everything we do then we

are living as our source would if alive in this moment.

Historically and today yogi’s would give up material possessions and

release ego based thinking and connections to the material world

in order to more effectively connect to their source. So does that

mean that in order to achieve the goals modern Bhakti Yoga we must

give away all our belongings and deconstruct our lives? The modern

way of integrating Bhakti Yogic thought is just to be conscious of

your intentions? Do they come from a place of honesty, purity and

love? Then don’t question yourself. As Jason’s grandfather said so

beautifully on his way out if we come from a place of love we are

always coming from the right place.

P.S. Coming from a place of love shows our vulnerability and can leave us

susceptible to attack, but it also leaves us without the bitter taste of


Live in Love, Live in Faith, Live in the Moment…Love Em 


Morning Meditation Open to Receive and Give Love: 


Journal Entry: Think of a situation that you were in, where you came

from a place of selfishness or ego…What was the final result of that

situation? Now alternately, think of a time when you responded to

a situation from a place of love and devotion…How was the result

different? In your life, how possible is it to integrate love into

your daily interactions?


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our modern world.



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Evening Mantra Mediation:


Peace, Love & Namaste Em