Day Eighty-Eight-An Interview with Jason Stephenson-Youtube Meditation Guru

On Monday evening Western Canada time I had the absolute gift of speaking with

Jason Stephenson in Australia-it was 10am on Tuesday his time.

Jason is my favorite Meditation expert whose videos on Youtube and

RelaxMeOnline are entirely effective and of the utmost caliber and


After speaking to Jason I can see the lengths he goes to in order to create

the most beautiful experience for his viewers.

Speaking to him was like reuniting with a long lost kindred spirit brother;

it was wonderful to see where his journey began and how all of his

gifts came to grace our world.

I am filled with the utmost gratitude to have been given the gift of

One Hour of conversation with Jason-please enjoy the audio below:



Peace, Love & Namaste Emily

2 thoughts on “Day Eighty-Eight-An Interview with Jason Stephenson-Youtube Meditation Guru

  1. Dear Emily and Jason, I just feel, that I have to tell you, how interesting I found your Interview. I am listening to your meditations, Jason, almost every day. There are so many people who offer meditations on YouTube and I agree with you, Emily, Jason’s soothing voice and his spirit, which speaks from heart to heart cannot be topped by anyone else. It takes us away from the harsh realities of a materialistic and competitive world, where sensitive people are struggeling to survive. Emily, I agree with Jason, you have a beautiful voice and the right spirit to help people too. Thank you both for your inspiring talk!
    From Austria with love

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