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Day Eighty-One: Mother Natures Gems-Lesson Three-Holistic Therapy Series-Crystal Healing

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Free Printable Chart Outlining Healing Properties of Stones and Crystals


My personal connection with stones has been a positive one. I have

actively sourced stones to assist me with balance or healing at certain

times in my life. When my sister passed I wore a grey agate necklace

and continue to wear it on days where I need extra strength or to

help me ease my worries. Just having it against my skin soothes


Much like all of the other therapeutic techniques we’ve been discussing over

the 90 day journey; crystal healing is meant to compliment and enhance other

therapeutic remedies. Crystals have been around since the dawn of time and

have been used by cultures all over the world before ‘modern’ forms of

treatment were used. They continue to be used by those who have a

deep knowledge and understanding of the miraculous nature of

their powerful healing qualities.

There is a stereotype that only gypsies or free loving hippies believe in the

‘voodoo’ of crystal therapy-but there are scientific reasons why crystals,

along with stones, herbs, oils, foods and many other miraculous bounties

sourced from the earth have incredible healing qualities.

Crystal Healing is still fairly new to me; but something I am anxious and

excited to explore further as a Reiki practitioner. In the future my hope is

to integrate crystals that activate and balance the chakras to enhance

my reiki sessions with clients.

Crystals can be used to aid in the healing of a wide array of ailments

such as; insomnia, mental health imbalances, headaches, lack of

libido etc…


This Link has an Incredible Amount of Information

on the subject of Crystal Healing if you want to delve deeper:



Morning Meditation: 

Journal Entry: Review how you have been feeling and record any

imbalances that you have been noticing. Now refer to the crystal

healing website above and record any of the crystals that you feel

may be useful to you now. Seek out a New Age store or the online

resources for crystals below and add them to your therapeutic

toolkit. Record the effectiveness of the crystals.


 Crystal Age TV of Youtube has Informative Videos 


Crystal Bowls Meditation

How to Sense Crystal Energy?



Tibetan Crystal Chakra Meditation-Evening

Peace, Love and Namaste Em