Day Seventy-Eight: Inspired Listening and Viewing Sources Online-Youtube Channels


Today’s blog will also fall off the beaten path. In continuing with my series

on how to be inspired by the online community I will be sharing online

speakers and sources for inspiration. Most of the sources I will share

will provide the master source for the online person/community

so that you can peruse them at your own pace. I do not fully endorse

the thoughts and ideas of all of these people but I feel that they have

so much to offer people out there. Their underlying goal is true and

pure and their messages are meant to bring light, knowledge and light

to their viewers and readers.

inspiration (1) inspirational-quotes-you-were-given-this-life

Some or many of the inspiration will be familiar to you as I have drawn

on many of these sources along the 90 Day Path to Spiritual Enlightenment.

Some of these sources have carried me through some very dark and

hopeless times in my life. Reminding me that there is hope and light

and that I should keep fighting to continue on the path to evolution

in body, mind and spirit. My hope is that you will benefit from at least

a grain of what I share.

Again, please feel free to share your most inspirational links and

resources so others can benefit from them. This would be so appreciated

and my heart would be filled with so much gratitude.

images Inspiration-520x277

Here is a link to the 90 Days to Spiritual Enlightenment Youtube Site

on it there are playlists that I have created for this site-some not all but it is a work in progress.

The Stunning and Very Wise Teal Swan-Spiritual Catalyst

The Wise and Humorous Infinite Waters-Diving Deep

The Positive Louise Hay Affimations

Hay House Presents: A Spiritual Publisher

Deepak Chopra and The Chopra Well

Angel Wisdom with Doreen Virtue

Self Care Guru-Cheryl Richardson

Daily Love-Mastin Kipp-For the Singles

The Wise & Wonderful Dalai Lama

The Strong and Beautiful Iyanla Vanzant

The Insightful Eckhart Tolle

The Awe Inspiring Maya Angelou

Rhonda Byrne and The Secret/Law of Attraction

The Sage Wayne Dyer


Abraham Hicks

Amazing Meditations by Piitaa Saryana

Amazing  Meditations by Jason Stephenson


Peace, Love & Namaste


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