Day Seventy-Six: Soul Connections Series-Lesson Three-Twin Flames


The first time I heard of twin flames was from a dear friend;

a spiritually connected sister friend who was on the brink

of a twin flame love connection. I was intrigued with her story

and began exploring this whole idea of twin flames over the

past month.

I soon realized that my husband and partner in life came to

me in the described way a twin flame comes magically into

their loves life.

Through all of the turmoil of my childhood and youth, the

hope that kept me going and at times alive was a vision

of a man without a face and two children-one feminine

and one masculine. When I heard my husband’s voice for the

first time I was positive that he was my partner, the yin

to my yang…We met on a phone dating line-before the

rise of the internet! We then became disconnected for

over a month because I lost the tiny notepad containing his

mysterious digits. After the winter melt; and a month of

tearing my tiny apartment apart night after night desperate

to hear my love’s voice again the doorbell rang one chilly March

evening. It was my dear British friend. After greeting her with a

warm hug and taking her plum felted wool jacket; she was

holding something behind her back as she said “I have something

you’ve been looking for”, excitedly and unable to stand the suspense

I held out my hand pleadingly. She passed me the very weathered,

crinkled, barely recognizable little notebook of love. I squealed with

glee and hugged my friend again for longer this time.

I finally reconnected with my love and we have not spent a night

apart since. Fifteen years into the future, a beautiful family and

home built brick by brick with love-If that is not a twin flame

connection I don’t know what it. I am not saying we are devoid

of problems or that the armor is free of chinks, but our love

for one another is loyal and true and we fight our way through

the challenges of life as a team.


Here is a great site that explains the intricacies of

a twin flame soul connection.

Here is another great source to identify the signs and

symptoms of a twin flame relationship:


images (1)

Morning Meditation:


Journal Entry: Go over the signs and symptoms of the twin flame

connection and compare the relationships in your life to those to see

if there are any along your path that may fit into the criteria.

Is there anyone in your life right now that you feel so deeply connected

to that they could be your twin flame?


Some Informational Videos about Twin Flames

Couples Acro Yoga


Evening Meditation: Shamanic Twin Flame Meditation (Stunning)

Peace, Love & Namaste Em

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