Day Seventy-Seven: “The Mindful Technology Junkie”-The Top Spiritual Smartphone Apps


One of my goals in writing this blog was to provide an educational

forum that is a one stop shop for education on spiritual and life

enhancing practices and ways of thought and living. Throughout

this process I have gained valuable insights and have found

modern ways to integrate spiritual practices into my daily life.

Today we will step outside the typical format and I will be

going over some great smartphone apps that can compliment

your spiritual journey. I have made a large attempt to weed

out the apps that are not so useful. I highly encourage you

to add comments at the end of the blog containing apps

that have been useful to you. These can be apps that are

spiritual in nature or self help and life enhancing.

Trying out Deepak Chopra's meditation app

Here Goes:

Elephant Journal Posted 10 Apps to Propel your Spiritual


Joyful Turtle: Apps for Spiritual Growth


Spirituality and Health: 5 Apps to Quiet Your Mind

The 50 Best Apps for Spiritual Practice-A Great Search Engine that

are Searchable by Category-App Crawler

Em’s Personal Favorites:

Hay House Radio for the Soul4445_c1

Doreen Virtue Chakra Cleansing 5344_c1

Goddess Tarot Doreen Virtue gtapp

Get Gratitude Appicon

Vision Boardscreen320x480

Reiki Relaxation screen568x568 (2)

I Can Do It Louise Hayscreen568x568

The Worry Box for AnxietyWorry-Box-Anxiety-Self-Help-1263-1

Change-Your-Thoughts-Change-Your-Life-Perpetual-CalendarChange Your Thoughts Change Your Life Wayne Dyer


Peace Love & Namaste


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