Day Seventy-One: Navigating Manhood in A Confusing World-Balancing & Awakening the Divine Masculine


Yesterday we spoke about how women are confused in our society

and about what feminine concepts we can embrace whilst maintaining

our strength and personal power.

After being a teacher, counselor, child care worker and mother for

decades I have learned that boys and men are just as confused about

how much of their masculinity they are allowed to embrace without

looking scary or too hard. They are expected to be sensitive to other

fellow human beings (namely the women in their lives) all the

while maintaining a strong and impenetrable focused manly facade.

Women want their men to be strong and husky but they conversely

want their men to ravage them passionately.

Men are questioned and even ridiculed for assuming typically female

roles (nursing, caregiving, stay at home dad…) so they too are being

marginalized by our society and their dreams-no matter how honorable

can also be put under a microscope.

This causes a wildfire effect of a lack of pursuing their true selves and

embracing the roles they feel they are here to fill.

If a man is unbalanced he can end up being fanatical

and too aggressive-abusive and controlling. What has happened to these

men-to their core-where did things go wrong? Are they too subconsciously

affected by our societies image of what men are supposed to be? Are they

too detached from themselves too find their way back to their true essence?

The way a boy is raised can have so much to do with how much he is able

to express himself. I have put this into practice with my son. I have always

encouraged him to maintain his innate sensitive personality and have never

made him feel shame for showing his emotions.

There is so much beauty in the divine masculine and if men were encouraged

free to explore the best parts of masculinity the world would be a much more

welcome, balanced and harmonious place to live.


Morning Meditation:

TED Talk-The Demise of Men-Philip Zimbardo


Journal Entry: What messages have you been given throughout your

life that you feel have detached you from your true essence? Who 

had the most influence in your life when it came to embracing your

core self? Where your feminine qualities stifled or stripped away?

Do you feel balanced as a male in today’s society? Think of a time

when you felt very balanced as a man-what was your situation?

How can you move in the direction of that way of being now?


Yoga Flow Especially for Men


Videos that Enhance and Pu-ruse the Topic of Masculinity


Evening Meditation

2 thoughts on “Day Seventy-One: Navigating Manhood in A Confusing World-Balancing & Awakening the Divine Masculine

  1. Nice to see a woman (I assume) trying to help men find their inner masculinity. As much I appreciate Teal Swan and others, I do think we need to become aware of the power side of masculinity – a power that can be used to cause harm or to construct or physically help and protect “women and orphans” as they used to say in the French chivalry code.
    Its no use encouraging the sensitive in your son – the whole of society, media etc is doing that. The powerful, leadership qualities, ability to master ones emotions and get that sail in despite the storm , the fear, the cold etc… a man has to be aware of and use his dark side – the Killer… and women are attracted to men who have this … im not talking about serial killers and bikers, but a more positive “killer” side – Vin diesel in babylon AD and the young nun…
    So encourage him to sword fight, hunt, mountaineer, do activities with mature men only… the agressive has been systematically trampled on, leading to weak, insecure men who self harm with drugs or commit suicide. Or get mocked by their girlfriends …


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