Day Seventy: The Goddess Within-Embracing the Divine Feminine and Feminist Values

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I think in our world today women struggle with what role we are

supposed to playing. We live in a world where we are judged when

we don’t fit snugly into straight vanilla womanly roles-and similarly

we are judged when we don’t break through those roles and grab

life by the balls, competing with men to climb the success ladder.

We are women though and if we are not encouraged to love the

feminine aspects of ourselves as well as the warrior within then

we are doing ourselves a disservice.

The first time I opened a “feminist” book I was in University and

my thirst and curiosity for mind blowing knowledge was insatiable.

I lived in a obscure house that was over one hundred years of age

that had been haphazardly conjoined with a brand new house (not

addition-an entire house). Now I lived in that house with seven very

politically charged, feminist female students that were not about to

define themselves in a traditional role. We also lived with one boy

named Gabino. I started relieving the shelves of the used book stores

that littered the neighborhood of their most feminist novels which

had become the bibles for women trying to break free of their traditional

labels and roles. Here are the books I devoured at that time:

241823 handmaids-tale-cover images url

The women and men that surrounded me at the University of Alberta and the

beautiful individuals I was blessed to live with at that poignant time in my

life opened me up to a new way of thinking about myself as a woman and

what my role in society was.

I have always been a very feminine girl but hid my sexuality from society due

to many violations as a child and as I grew up.

It wasn’t until I met my husband that I felt totally safe and respected as

a sensual woman. I began to dress in a way that made me feel like a beautiful

confident and  sensual woman.

Let’s abolish the definition of what we are supposed to be and

just embrace what makes us feel closest to our source and our

true selves.


Morning Meditation:

Journal Entry: When was a time when you felt balanced as a woman

and human being. What was going on in your life? Who were you surrounding

yourself with? What female role do you play in society at present? Are you

living your truth in that role or do you feel there is a part of yourself that

is being neglected? How can you make a change in a forward direction?


Top ten Feminist Books


An In Depth Description of what the Divine Feminine is.

A Sensual Bellydance routine to Embrace your Sensuality

Sudha: A Beautiful and Feminine Playlist:

Wisdom Goddess Sophia Nicolas Roerich

Evening Meditation:

Peace, Love & Namaste Em

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