Day Sixty-Nine: “Dream It, Write It, Do It”-Crossing Off Items From Your Bucket List


Have you ever heard of a bucket list? Well if you have yet to hear of

it you are surely in for a pleasant surprise. A bucket list is a list of

experiences you want to have before you die.

While researching the coining of this term I realized that it came

from the term “kicked the bucket’ (a.k.a.-died, croaked etc.)

There are many restrictions in life that make us feel like crossing

items off this list is unrealistic, but is it?

I would view a bucket list as a necessity for truly living one’s

life. What is the point of going through life never feeling the

rush of an intensely thrilling adventure that we have dreamed

of all our lives. Just Do It! as Nike says. What have you to lose?

You have more to lose if you never try.

live-your-list-webMorning Meditation:


Virtual Journal Entry:

Here is a kick ass website that allows you to create a

virtual bucket list with images and ideas to inspire.

img-thing images (2)

A great article on Bucket Lists by my fellow blogger Short Story Long

Evening Meditation


Peace Love & Namaste Em


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