Day Fifty-Eight-“Mother Nature’s Superhero Foods”-How Superfoods can Balance the Mind, Body & Soul

superfoods (1)

When I eat a bowl of Earth Foods-meaning all the foods in the bowl are

from natural sources and not created synthetically in a factory. I feel

as though a ray of sunshine has come from the top of my head to the

base of my feet. I feel rejuvenated and revived. Alternately when I sell

my soul to the food devil and eat a meal at McDonald’s I feel nauseous and

ill. The novelty of getting a quick meal fix wears off in a hurry. Even my kids

refuse to go to McDonald’s now-they recognize the effect is has on them.

That doesn’t stop my husband from treating them to it on nights when

I’m doing my thing. My point is: intuitively we know what foods make us

feel at our best and we need to follow our instincts in what we put in our

bodies. It is not necessary to define anything.


An Excerpt from Live Science:

“Superfoods are foods — mostly plant-based but also some fish and

dairy— thought to be nutritionally dense and thus good for one’s health.

The term has no set scientific meaning, however, and any list of “top”

superfoods is purely subjective. Superfoods are healthful, for the most

part, aside from possible contamination, added sugars or over-consumption of them.”


During the last week we have been exploring nutritional issues and how eating

and drinking consciously can improve our lives. It is now common knowledge

that eating processed foods with a battery of ingredients that we can’t pronounce

is bad for our health. We’ve also talked about the fact that we need to make sure

that our relationship with foods does not become obsessive and irrational.

The movement towards healthy foods has had highs and lows for years; some

years becoming like an underground black-market secret

society-it’s members hiding their passion and knowledge that these foods do

have visible health benefits and brushing them under the carpet so they

could avoid ridicule from the mainstream public. Now that Orthorexia-the

addiction to whole foods-has been thrown out there-we may see the whole

foods revolution retreat and become silenced and secretive once again.

Sometimes I feel confused at whether the advice being supplied about what

foods are superfoods and what foods are dangerous is legit because different

sources have different opinions on the foods they discuss.

Now that my rant has come to a close-what are Superfoods? And what

are their benefits?


Check out the following article on SkinnyMs which goes through

50 superfoods-there is information on the benefits of these foods as

well as links to recipes.

Mommy Edition-15 Power Foods to Improve Brain and Mental Health

Morning Meditation


Journal Entry: Think about the last time you ate something that made

you feel terrible? What was i? Describe your feelings? Now think of a time when

you ate Earth Foods and how they made you feel afterwards. Psychologically did you

also notice how you felt about yourself afterwards? How can you do more of the 

right thing for yourself? Make a list of foods that make you feel good mentally,

physically and soulfully. This is now your superfoods list.

I heard a radio program with Liana Werner Grey on Hay House

Radio and felt like she had some great ideas to share. Here is her

book and a link to her website.


Another awesome video by Infinite Waters about Superfoods

20 Minute Yoga Workout for Digestion


Evening Meditation with Louise Hay:

Peace, Love & Namaste Em

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