Day Fifty-Six: “You Can Overcome it!”-A Spiritual Guide to Healing Substance Abuse

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Here is the next piece in our addiction recovery series. When we are suffering

with an addiction to substance abuse-the knowledge that this substance controls

us is the sign that it is harming us rather than it being a harmless and

moderated social usage. Similarly to an addiction to a certain type of food it

can disable us and pull us apart from our true selves.

I know when I am not doing well or if I have an unbelievable amount of

stress because that 1/2 a glass of red wine becomes three and I stumble

and mumble my way up to bed that night with a feeling that I am dirty.

Some people feel that if they let the substance entirely go the goal of

releasing it completely is too hard to bear-never having their crutch or

little best friend-who got them through thick and thin-ever again! It can

seem daunting and unattainable.


When I quit smoking I knew the only option was to completely let those

nasty sticks go-if they were kept within reach I would have followed my

previous patterns of just starting back up-full bore once a fabricated

or real reason for me to increase my habit materialized to me.

Some people though can regulate and continue a relationship with

their substance-and they are able to moderate it successfully. Each

of us knows at our core what effects us negatively and how it effects


I think not being so hard on ourselves when we fall from grace is very

important-we all stumble and we all end up regaining the strength

to pick ourselves back up.


Love yourself and care for your soul-really consider that crutch and

if there is any other way you can soothe your heartbreak-is there a

friend you can call? A warm soothing lavender bath you can run?

An oasis in nature you can immerse yourself in? A craft you can express

your raw emotion through?


Noticing what triggers you to go for your addiction is also an important

skill to hone-if you are conscious as to how you are affected before you

reach for the crutch-you may be able to change the course of your choice.


Much like all other addictions-you have the power to overcome

and release yourself from mental slavery!!! Believe in Yourself!!!


Morning Prayer for Addiction Recovery


Journal Entry: Explore whether there is any substances in your life that

you feel are controlling you. If so what causes the addiction to spike?

Remember a time that you were free of the chains of this addiction? What was 

different in your life at the time? How did you do it? How can you do more about it?

Make a list of things you can do rather than reach for that substance and make

copies that you can carry with you, place in your home/office/locker etc.

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Positive Affirmations for Recovery

My favorite inspirational speaker & wise guru-Infinite Waters-Youtube

Russell Brand Overcomes Addiction with Yoga

Kundalini Yoga for Addiction

Evening Meditation

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