Day Fifty-Two: Love as a Drug-Using Love to Conquer Stress


When I am at the top of my game I am a true lover of life, people,

all that I do. I know I am scarred when I am not acting or living from

a place of love. This morning as I drove my kids to school I was listening

to a newscast on the radio about how love can be used to heal stress.

What a profound yet logical idea-and what a relief to know that it

is actually a phenomena that is being studied in the psychological

sciences arena.

When I am working from that place of pure love the universe puts

all of the experiences in the day in a beautiful and thoughtful line-

and nothing can block my positive line of intention.

Imagine the moments when you are waiting for a loved one at

the airport-someone you haven’t seen for a long time and how

the thought of them arriving can be the remedy for you to

get through the weeks until they arrive. That love surpassed

all medications-all therapies-it in and of itself was your therapy.

While you wait you see other people reuniting at the greeting point

and that soothes you.

These studies show that just by simply witnessing love we can

manage and release our stress.


Let’s think about some ways that we could use love as a weapon against

stress in our daily lives:

1. View images of people loving one another-animals-children etc.

2. Watch the video of a love song that moves you

3. Go to the arrivals section at the airport and get a massive dose

4. Find an inspiring video on the net and set it free virally-spread the love.

5. Commit a random act of kindness

6. Compliment 5 people

7. Go find someone to hug-make sure you ask first

8. Listen to a playlist of love songs

9. Watch a rescue video

10. Read an article about someone in love


Today’s focus is on using love as a healing tool to eliminate

the high amounts of stress in our lives.


Morning Meditation-Open to Recieving Love

Journal Activity: Create your own list of things you have done in

the past or things you could do to load up on love.

558363296_AnimalLove_xlarge 6a00d8347a49a469e201901d87c222970b-500wi

Global Healing Centre-Article on Using Love to Manage Stress

Yoga in Love: Guru

largeimages (1)

A Few Videos-Spreading the Love


Evening Love Meditation:

Peace Love and Namaste-Em

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