Day Forty-Four: “You Radiate What You Eat”-Soul Nourishing Nutrition


A bite of food can be orgasmic; it alternately can be like being possessed

by some glutinous troll indulging until vomit pools in your mouth (wow,

can you tell I have eaten one too many bites of Peanut Butter Chocolate

Haagen Daaz far too many times-stashing my shame deep into the

garbage away from the eyes of my husband). Like many other topics

we’ve covered-over indulgence in anything can end up causing your

soul, spirit and body to suffer and feel shame-the same is true of the

very food that keep you alive and thriving.

Food is a multi-billion dollar marketing giant-both the mainstream

supermarket and the influx of organic and whole foods are running

in the same marathon-whole foods though are becoming a real

contender in the race. People are highly stressed and are seeking

lifestyle choices that add to their self care toolbox. Searching for

the next best thing to integrate wellness into their lives.

Eating can be a religious experience; a momentous occasion to

celebrate a loved ones milestone; a memory of cherished times

lost; an ignition of a fiery romance…

When you eat something that makes your body feel as though

sunlight is penetrating it on the inside from the tip of your toes

to the top of your head-simply put it is good, soul nourishing 

food. You’ve probably heard the tale of the grandmother that

cooked the most delicious meals for her family and added a

secret ingredient out of a mysterious jar that no one was ever

allowed to look into. When she passed on her daughter inherited

the jar and it was empty-after pondering it for awhile her

daughter realized that the secret ingredient was LOVE.

When I make food with passion and love the taste of it

tells the tale-it is elevated; my family tells me how incredible it

is. When I just stumble through my meal preparation the resulting meal

is dull and lifeless.

You’ve hear the term soul food-some people don’t eat food

that has a soul-Vegetarians, Vegans…Some believe that food

prepared with love and flavor is soul food. We all have our own

definition of what food we feel nourishes us-physically and spiritually.

If your food is hurting you and making you feel sick and overstuffed;

you may want to consider changing up your menu.

You can find a recipe for absolutely anything on the internet.

Here are some hints:

Whole foods are on the outer rims of all the grocery stores.

The foods inside the perimeter are processed-the less the better.

Read the ingredients-if you can’t pronounce it you may not want

to put it in your mouth honey bunch.

Canned food tastes like metal. Yes.

Anything you make with real life ingredients will give you the

sunshine feeling I spoke about earlier.

There are many diet crazes and I could list them all but

the yoga movement has caused spikes in these latest

ones-for good reason-they do have real benefits attached:

1. Raw


3. Vegan

4. Gluten Free

5. Juicing

Just like certain essential oils-aromatherapy can have healing qualities,

so can certain superfoods-chia seeds, hemp products (and I don’t mean

Mary Jane’s brownies people) pomegranate…


Yoga Journal Recipes and Health

Great Nourishing Reads





Spitirual Nutrition is Not about Food Video

Evening Meditation:


Peace, Love & Namaste

Cheers Em

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