Day Thirty-Nine: Evolution Through Education-How Learning Enhances the Soul


Funnily enough when I was researching this topic I found nothing that

fit what I wanted to express and explore. I could find no articles or videos

directly connecting learning to soulfulness. So here goes…

The world has always been a jungle gym of learning for me. I am a

knowledge addict. Prior to the birth of the internet I spent much of my

time perusing the plentiful shelves of books that sit there welcoming

me at the various libraries in my vicinity. I ‘dated’ all the libraries at

the same time with wild abandon and no regard for loyalty. They

embraced and accepted me unconditionally and invited me into the

cult of free learning. When plonking my teetering stack of books

onto the librarian’s counter I would laugh and ask if they had

initiated a library gold card membership yet. While reading I could

connect with the internal souls and minds of the authors I read. See the

world through their eyes-open new doors, outlooks, possibilities…

Of course becoming a teacher bloomed so naturally out of my

adoration for learning. After I overcame my fear of standing in

front of a sea of 30 skeptical pubescent critics, I began to release

my passion and love for whatever topic I was teaching. My

students were ignited and my learning revolution exploded.

My students were partners in learning teaching me just as much

as I relayed to them. Watching them take steps on the teeter

totter of learning was as thrilling as seeing a toddler take its

first steps.

The thirst for knowledge crosses all boundaries or race, religion,

age, gender etc. It is there for the sharing. It is when we are isolated

from new and exciting learning experiences that our life becomes

stale and stagnant-limiting our body, mind and souls evolution.

Learning thrives on being spread contagiously.

As hard as I may try to just be in the moment-my addiction for

knowledge is always tugging away at my coattails, whispering

for me to come and play.

It keeps me well

It grounds me

It fills me with wonder

It is unconditional

It is evolutionary

It is the air that I breathe

It is freedom

It is the broken loaf of bread I share

It is evolution…

Learn for life

Learn for love

Learn for passion…



Today’s focus is to embrace learning as a tool to 

open our souls and assist us in evolving as people.

Morning Meditation:


Journal Entry: Write about the last time you learned

something new that you were passionate about? Have you kept

nurturing that skill? Now make a list of things you would love

to learn.

Self Care Ritual: Take one hour per day to learn something

that you have been dying to learn.


The Ultimate List of Educational Websites

An Interesting Outlook on the Pace of Learning

Evening Meditation:

Peace, Love & Namaste Em

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