Day Twenty Four: Wishes Really Do Come True: The Law of Attraction


The Law of Attraction came fully out of the closet when Rhonda Byrne

released her world renowned book and film; The Secret. The philosophical

idea behind the Law of Attraction was not her original idea, it was

the thought child of a Californian man named Prentice Mulford in his essays

“Some Laws of Health and Beauty” and “Good And Ill Effects of Thought,”

written in 1891 (Wikipedia).

When I was nineteen I discovered the idea that what you thought about

was what you attracted to your life, while taking a philosophy course at

the University of Alberta. Did this mean that because I had such self

deprecating thoughts, I was the culprit-I drew all of those negative things

towards myself with my obscured electromagnetic current.

I had felt like such a target my whole life and had no faith in

myself; so how was it that, with this damaging thought pattern,

I would ever pull myself out of the dank corridors of my thought

patterns and begin to attract and have faith that any form of

abundance could come to my life?

What is The Law of Attraction you ask? Well, it is the idea

that what you think about and wish for you attract to your life.

There is a positive connotation behind the philosophy but think

about it, when you are cloaked in your own personal darkness

do you attract tiny birds and butterflies to yourself? So the

philosophy goes both ways. This means that even in the private

confines of your brain, you should try and think positive thoughts

so you can reap the bounty of great personal abundance.

Many years ago my sister and I had a spiritual book club and

The Law of Attraction reintroduced itself back into my life.

This time I was truly balanced, happy, connected to my source

and open to new ideas. I wrote down a list of things I wanted for

myself in the upcoming year; the list was not unrealistic or

far-fetched; it contained simply things like; learn to make

pottery, work on my book, learn to play guitar…I placed

the list in the back of the book selection for that month-

The Secret-and forgot about it for the next year. Travel

forward two years, my sister had passed away, I was

missing her and I picked that book off the bookshelf.

Out fell the list, as if by divine intervention, and I re-read

it. I had accomplished all of the things on that list without

complete conscious awareness. It was such an amazing

feeling. I rushed to pick up the phone to call my sister and

then realized she was gone-so I celebrated silently and

that was the moment I believed that anything was possible.


Today’s focus will be on the power of your thoughts

and how you have the power to create the life you wish for 


Morning Meditation-The Secret-A Gift to You


Journal Activity-The Law of Attraction List

Make a list of all of the things you would like to learn and attract to

your life. Imagine you have a little magic genie whom can grant

you wishes. Don’t limit yourself. Review the list and think about

how you can make some of these things a reality. Remember

the Law of Attraction is a tool but you make the wishes come

true by believing you deserve them and working towards making

them part of your life.

law of attraction

Inspired Reading and Listening: Abraham Hicks Full Audiobook

The Law of Attraction. Abraham was a respected, world renowned

Spiritual Speaker and Author.


Inspired Viewing: The Secret-Full Movie Online:




Inspired Physical Activity: Law of Attraction Yoga Series


Evening Meditation: IMAGINE-Manifesting Your Dreams Jason Stephenson


Peace, Love & Namaste


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