Day Four: Achieving Balance by Strengthening Bonds

Good Morning 

I awoke this morning ready and excited to write another post.

While I was working 12 hour days as a Counselor/Special Needs Teacher/

Mom and Wife I found that the most challenging thing to achieve was balance.

The thing I neglected most was my relationships with other women-my

dear friends knew that once the year began I would simply fade away

into the abyss and not return calls or emails. I was barely able to cope with

the responsibilities that lay directly in front of me.  I missed my girlfriends

and those heart to hearts where we would talk things through and vent and

praise and lift one another up. Where we would eat delicious indulgences, drink

overpriced fancy coffee and dry each others tears in the middle of a bustling

coffee house. Those moments balanced me and allowed me a chance to connect

deeply and intimately with women I held dear to my heart. I vowed to myself

consistently that I would make plans with those incredible women, but the guilt

would seep in after I calculated the diminished hours spent with y family after

a demanding work week. So those moments slipped into nothingness.

For Day Four we are going to focus on strengthening relationships.

Enjoy the journey…Stay Balanced…

When you awaken think about one person-outside your family-

that fills you up and makes you feel more balanced-now later in the day

call that person and plan to see them if they are close by.

Morning Meditation: Sound Fox Channel-Youtube: Abraham Hicks-A renowned spiritual

teacher-Relationships-Guided Meditation:

Journal Entry: Brainstorm about your circle of friends. Are there any friends

that are so negative they actually drain your energy (I call them psychic vampires)?

Now think about the friend that lifts you up each and every time you see them,

consider prioritizing that friendship. Write about what makes that friendship so


30 Minutes of Physical Activity: Call that ‘soul friend’ and invite them to go for

a walk in nature-if you have kids or animals take them too. See if you can make it

a regular date with that friend.

Art Project: Create a journal as a gift for that friend so that she can write her

thoughts hopes and dreams down.

Buy a plain covered journal, a paint brush and some Modge Podge (Craft Store).

Print off the text and some images that suit her/him.

Brush the Modge Podge on the back of the picture/text and then brush it

down on the front while ensuring it stays smooth. You can lay pictures on top of one another.

Write something inspiring in the front about what she/he means to you.

Adorn it with beads or buttons-using a hot glue gun.

Em's Phone 080

Inspirational Video: An Australian man-on his 30th birthday asks his friends to

not buy him gifts but to buy a gift and bring it to his house with some wrapping paper.

I won’t give it away-just watch.

Our Songlist for today comes from Grooveshark: A free tool on the web that

allows you to create your own playlists from a great library of songs:

It is a songlist of songs by beautiful female vocalists: Enjoy:!/playlist/Beautiful+Ladies/70002286

Evening Meditations: Open to Love-Let Go of the Pain of Past Relationships-By Scott Mills


Enjoy the Journey

Peace, Love & Namaste


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