The Day The Earth Stood Still…

After many attempts, most failed, to integrate some semblance of self care into

my hectic schedule-I became a “F” student. Yes! I had failed miserably to give

myself even a minute moment to savor each day since awakening to the epiphanies

that Cheryl had shared in her profound audio-book. Being a severe people pleaser

and someone who was over-compassionate-I slid deeper into burnout. My health

became critical and each day I would sit in my office just staring at the screen. As

it flickered I felt so helpless. The pressure of my job was too much to bear. If

an intervention was not in my future I feared an inevitable collapse. I booked

an appointment with my doctor for that afternoon. As I sank into my doctors

chair-I frantically sobbed as I told her my symptoms and asked her if perhaps

I was dying. She wrote down something on her long, yellow, legal pad, and

said, “You cannot go back to that building, you must take three months medical

leave. I will be faxing that promptly to your work.” I sat hunched over and in

shock. All of the responsibilities I had to my students, my colleagues, my school

started spinning around in my mind, along with desperate questions; “Who will

look after my students”, “Will they be o.k. without me?”, “How will I deal with the

guilt of being gone for three months”, “What will my family say?”……………….

That day was the first day of my 90 day medical leave.

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